December 3, 2008

Perhaps the strangest thing I saw in Russia was Lenin’s Tomb.

The aesthetic’s straight out of postmodern corporate architecture. The totemic geometry, the crispness and sheen of the two-tone marble in classy burgundy-and-black~this will be familiar to anyone who spends much time in steakhouses or bank lobby bathrooms. If you put a gun to my head, I would guess that the same guy designed the mausoleum and Charlotte’s One Wachovia Park.

The resonance weirded me out. The last thing I expected at the heart of the Evil Empire was the office I used to visit on “take your kids to work”-day.

Any of you Arcades Project-cabbalists want to unpack this for me?


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  1. Emily Says:

    The day I was in Red Square, which was in summer 2006, I saw a rag-tag parade of middle-aged and older men and women cross the square, carrying hammer-and-sickle flags and singing the Internationale. It was kind of tragic, really.

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