“I Think It Was Derrida Who Said There Is No Such Thing As Actual, Empirical Truth”

February 27, 2009

This morning, I rewarded myself with a reviewing of “The Thick of It,” one of the best things I know.

Brings back fond memories of the months I spent as a fly on the wall of British politics three years ago. The day before I started work, the party leader stepped down after disclosing his alcoholism; this was soon eclipsed by news of the coprophilic gay ménage à trois one of his would-be replacements was conducting.

As P. put it at the time:

Q: “What do Charles Kennedy and Mark Oaten have in common?”

A: “They both like to get shit-faced!”

But I digress.

The show is little-known among my American friends. But all six of its episodes are on YouTube. So, in the spirit of the day, I thought I’d share.

If this post introduces “The Thick of It” to one person who needs it, my blog will have been a success.


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